Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Catching up...

November 26, 2013:

Dear Mom and Dad,

That's cool! I thought maybe you had been in this area before, but I wasn't sure. And speaking of the Logan Temple, I finally got to go this morning! It's a beautiful temple. It really reminded me of how much I love the temple, and how much work there still is to do!

The work here is really starting to pick up! This week was very successful, and I honestly believe that it's because my companion, Elder Trujillo, and I have started changing our methods of finding and teaching. We've been following the promptings of the Spirit, and it's led us to so many more great opportunities! One of the biggest things was our decision to visit the various leaders in the stake. And it's no coincidence that the first people we were inspired to visit were the Relief Society presidents of each ward! They're all so amazing, and they really help us know and understand the more specific needs of the members and non-members in the area.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope everyone gains at least 5 pounds! Haha, I'll be lucky if I don't gain more than 10 on Thursday. But the good news is that I and the 3 other Elders I live with (including my companion) got permission and have started working out at a gym at 6 am every morning! So I'll try to work off some of the turkey and stuffing weight. The fact that I can even get out of bed that early every day is a miracle in itself! The Lord really does bless us with the capacity to magnify our callings if we are diligent and seek to do our best.

I'm grateful for the many wonderful opportunities I have to serve the people here in the Valley. They've blessed my life, and I hope and pray that I'm able to do all that I can to bless them as well. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope the Razorbacks do better next year... But hey, we all have our trials! The team just has to work through some of theirs.

I love you all!!

Elder Kamilos

PS. I caught a glimpse on Facebook of Jessica's team winning the SEC!!! Congratulations!! Woo Pig!!

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