Thursday, January 16, 2014


Dear Mom and Dad,

You probably emailed me this week, but for some reason I didn't get it. But just to let you know, I am now in João Pessoa!! And I am LOVING it! It is very very hot, haha, but thats okay. I can't really understand people when they talk, but I will! My trainer is Elder Gilliam, and he is way awesome! He is from Washington and this is actually his last transfer on the mission. He is super obedient and he takes his calling very seriously, but he is also a lot of fun! He has 11 siblings (9 brothers and 2 sisters) and he is the 2nd youngest! He told me that my training will be more intense than any other missionary that he has trained, and I told him that I am ready! We are also white-washing our area, so we are ready to light it on fire! Our area is called Mangadeira 2, and it is in the middle southern part of João Pessoa, so I get to experience the city life!

By the way, our p-day is actually on Mondays, except for on transfer week when it is on Wednesday. Just so you know when to send your emails :) I will be honest, I was a bit scared at first, and I am still pretty nervous, but I already know that I love the people and they wont judge me at all when I am not able to communicate very well, haha. Brazilians seem so easy-going, and I can't wait to get to know everyone here! My mission President--President Nogueira--is very cool. He has only been out for about 8 months or so, so he will be here for my whole mission, which I am very happy about!

The weather is hot, I am always sweating, I don't speak the language, but none of that can possibly hold me back from loving this place and the people here. I am going to do all that I can to learn the language, and (more importantly) share the Gospel and serve the people of João Pessoa. The time has come for me to stand a little taller and be a little better everyday. I am essentially a greenie again, but that is all good! I want to stay green my whole mission, because green means growth, and I never want to plateau and stop progressing.

I love you all! I hope you are staying warm still! If not, you can have some of the heat from here, haha.

Elder Kamilos

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