Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"There's a certain feeling of the Spirit that just can't be described every time I have the privilege of baptizing..."

On Monday May 26, 2014 Elder Kamilos wrote:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well the big news this week is that Mateus was baptized yesterday!! I had the honor of performing the baptism, and it certainly was wonderful. There´s a certain feeling of the Spirit that just can´t be described every time I have the privilege of baptizing. Mateus really is an elect young man. I´m absolutely positive that his example will bless his father (who is inactive... for now) and the lives of many future generations. He´s so willing and ready to make covenants with the Lord, and that became clear when we told him about coffee, haha. He really likes coffee, but he gave it up without question to be baptized. Also, cevada helps, haha. Cevada is a drink made from barley (the word cevada literally means barley) that has a similar appearance
and aroma of coffee, but it´s very healthy and word of wisdom approved!

That´s sad to hear about Great Uncle George. I didn´t know him well, but I remember meeting him a time or two out in California. I wonder how the news will effect Nana and Papa´s trip. Do you think they´ll return early? I don´t know how long they´re planning on being away.

That´s too bad about the gender of the baby, but now I´ll just be anxiously waiting for the news!

Not much more from me this week. I hope to start getting in a habit of writing more letters... I´ll see how that goes. But I do have that on the list of things to do. Do you think you could get John´s mission address from Bro. Lawson for me? I´ve been meaning to write him.

Anyway, I love you all!! Tell the other siblings not to get too far ahead of me in life! Haha. Til next week!


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