Thursday, June 5, 2014

"..the Lord reveals His truths unto us as we seek with righteous desires and a sincere heart.."

On Monday June 2, 2014 Elder Kamilos wrote:

Dear Mom and Dad,

This week had a lot of highs, and a few lows, but altogether it was a good week. It seems that I received a whole lot of personal revelation concerning many of the things I´ve been wanting to know and have been
pondering lately. It truly is amazing how the Lord reveals His truths unto us as we seek with righteous desires and a sincere heart. I really have gained a testimony of revelation since I´ve been in the mission field. Everyone is their own personal prophet! And it became very apparent to me that as a missionary called by God to serve in a specific mission and area, I am a "prophet" of my area, Valentina, in the sense that I am able to receive revelation for the people that I serve. It´s an amazing thought, but really it makes sense and it's very simple. Everything in the Gospel is SO SIMPLE. Sometimes it may be difficult, but it´s never complicated or confusing. Our Heavenly Father is a God of clarity, plainness, and TRUTH. He doesn´t censure, and as long as we are worthy and willing, He will provide for us answers to our questions and doubts, and the righteous desires of our hearts.

So this week called for drastic measures. After another slow week, we decided to completely wipe our teaching pool and start over. We realized that not only have our investigators been wishy-washy, but we
have been too. We set up some great goals to work a lot more with the members and church leaders. We will do very well this week!

I bought some new shoes today! They´re good quality, and were only R$35 (about 16 dollars more or less). They´ll do well for now!

I hope everything is well with the family! And sounds like a fun trip to Oklahoma! It´s the little things like that that add up to make the best memories. And speaking of Oklahoma, I´m super excited to make it back to the temple! That´s one thing I really miss about the MTC and my time in the Ogden Mission. I came to really love the temple.

I love you all!! Hope all is well!

Amo vocês!!
Elder Kamilos

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