Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On Monday 6 July 2015 Elder Kamilos wrote...

Dear Mom and Dad,

Okay, first off, I am SO HAPPY to hear about my camera being miraculously discovered after so much time has passed!!!!! That camera has almost all of my pictures from Utah! And just to let you know, I did buy a new camera at Walmart the week before coming to Brasil, so I have been taking pictures. But that really makes me happy. That truly is a blessing. And speaking of the mission, you said new mission office of the Logan Mission?? Was a new mission created there? That´s really exciting if it did!

As for the mission, I´m really doing all that I can to enjoy these last weeks of my mission. Surprisingly, I don´t really feel any different. The work continues to go well, and I´m working hard with Elder Voorhies to make these last weeks the best of my mission.

News of Pres. Packer reached me yesterday during sunday school when one of the american sisters serving in the other ward informed me of his death. Of course, I was sad to hear of his passing away, but I know that he has really endured to the end. It truly was his time, and with our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, we know that he is now in the paradise prepared for the righteous spirits of God´s children, awaiting the resurrection. I am so thankful for having such a broader and deeper understanding of this perfect plan.

My times about up for now! But I´ll bring more good news next week about our progressing investigators!


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